The Science Behind Improving Your Immune System During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here’s the science nobody’s talking about.

Here’s a short summary of scientifically proven ways to strengthen your immune system.

The science behind boosting your immune system isn’t complicated. These are common sense habits that science and the medical community stand behind.

Get regular moderate* exercise.

*Moderate exercise strengthens your immune response while excessive exercise weakens it.

Nurture your diet and the gut microbiome.

The quality of your food will determine the quality of your health, and the typical American diet is not helping you.

Have healthy vitamin D levels.

You can only know your vitamin D levels from a blood test, but it’s easy to get, and your doctor should comply if asked. Low vitamin D is more common than you think, and unless severe and chronic, it doesn’t give many symptoms.

Meditate, even briefly.

Meditation is linked to decreased inflammation. That’s good because inflammation decreases immune function.

Get enough sleep.

Science says 7–8 hours per night is needed for optimal health.

Cut back on alcohol.

Drinking alcohol changes how your gut microbiome interacts with your immune system. The ultimate result is fewer macrophages (your 1st line defense cells that “eat” pathogens), T cells (antibodies), and B cells (white blood cells that secrete cytokines).

Stop smoking.

Cigarette smoke suppresses the immune system leaving smokers to heal more slowly than non smokers.

Don’t panic, be healthy.

You were born to be healthy. Health is there for you when you stop covering it up with unhealthy life habits.



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