What We Know About the New Coronavirus Variant!

There’s still plenty of unknowns, but here’s a few takeaways

  1. If 15 minutes of exposure would cause an infection before, it is safest to assume that spending six minutes around the new strain could have the same effect. Again on the conservative principle.
  2. We should be more careful with kids. They should circulate less or will become vectors. Like mosquitos carrying a tropical disease. Of course they can become sick themselves this way. I’m not sure what I would say about schools besides wishing Trump had built testing up.
  3. We do need to assume that this is far more widespread than we know given how little priority we placed on sequencing. So I’m assuming it’s near me even though we don’t know. I took my son to a store today and went inside briefly. It was pretty empty. But I was 60% more nervous and tried to get out 60% faster while yelling at my son 60% louder through my mask. Zach thinks I’m 60% more annoying.
  4. There will be a sustained battle against Covid-19 that won’t be simple. Our vaccinations need to be good and efficiently delivered and likely continuously evolving. We will need to continually vaccinate in all likelihood.
  5. This raises additional questions — one vaccine for all before two for all, more efficient and different cutoffs. I’m going to stay out of that debate. Others with informed opinions are opining. It is clear we should look at everything.



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